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Here's a Sampling of some of the 100s of comments sent to the County officials "Rejecting" this Land Use Code. Fill out the form and let these Planning and Zoning officials and County Commissioners know what you think.

(Names have been removed to protect people's privacy whenever possible. More comments to be posted soon.)

- County Commissioners,
I am a business owner and I am oppose many things in the New Land Use Code. Believing that most people work in their own best interest I have to wonder why the county commissioners appear to be working for the benefit of those not living in our County, or for larger businesses with money trying to monopolize on such things as short term rentals.
We operate an Air BNB and have maintained the highest rating that Airbnb gives. We are not regulated by a bureaucracy that increases our taxes and is administered by county commissioner friends, but by Airbnb standards and guest reviews. Our moral transactions with our guests (free market mutually beneficial agreements with others ) give us the ability to increase our income. County commissioners should be first and foremost working for the people living in our county and not for those living outside of our county or for special interests inside the county.
As a land owner of 40 acres trying to maintain YOUR open space, living in a historic family house, of six generations of Knights, that I would like to keep in my family, (this is the desire of all family members) If forced by your actions, this property will be most likely sold to a developer, as was done by many because of the actions of V.A.R.D. and former county commissioners.
I would appreciate Mike Whitfield to contact me personally and explain these issues to me. Please call me if possible.
Thank you,


- It’s time for the people’s voice to be heard and respected.


I feel that this code is complete government overreach. I don't feel that government is supposed to regulate all aspects of our lives. I believe that the Constitution of the United States guarantees us certain rights, including property rights. I am very much for conservation of private land, but feel that this should be on a voluntary basis and not dictated by government.

I feel that the committee that oversaw the development of this plan did not represent the various interest of Teton Valley. As a farmer, I do not feel that the committee sufficiently represented the farmers and long time land owners of Teton Valley. At the public hearing I would like someone to share the breakdown of the committee (percent Democrat vs Republican, percent multi-generation in Teton Valley vs first generation, percent large land owner vs small or no ownership, percent with agricultural interest).

I am concerned that the public comment period and public hearing were scheduled at one the busiest times of the year for farmers and construction workers. It is very difficult to deal with something like this when many of us are working approximately 100 hours per week. It feels to me like there was a deliberate attempt to exclude our input.


- I am shocked at what is trying to be done here. Not only is it illegal but it is ripping away peoples rights to their own property . The fact that this was all done in secret should tell you how evil it is. I am disgusted by neighbors reporting on each other. It can be hard enough for neighbors to always see eye to eye as it is. Will VARD be happy with a Hatfied and McCoy situation ? Neighbor and against neighbor ? That is a good indication of where their hearts are.


- I have lived here over 31 years and seen many changes , some good some not so good, but after reading this proposal I am shocked at our rights that would be taken by this more than ridiculous land use proposal. Is Idaho no longer part of the USA ? Once rights have been lost, you will never get them back, never. I am 92 years old and have seen many horrific things, and I can tell you that the way to control people is done little by little , and taking their rights away is the beginning. This whole thing of reporting you neighbor discuss me, we are to love our neighbors not report them . PLEASE WAKE UP ! I would love to come to meeting , but at my age it would prove to be too much for me.


- I have no words to express what is going on here. This is beyond anything I could imagine. I don't know who this VARD group is but this is America , we have rights and laws to protect us. Although recently we are seeing our rights stripped away one by one.Have we not learned anything from history ? Why would anyone want to agree with these restrictions???


- I am against VARD and all it stands for. Don't let anyone take your rights away without a fight, this is not Germany !!! I am an American and as such we have rights, laws to protect those rights . After reading this plan , I am stunned that it got as far as it has, wake up people.


- I am disgusted that this was all written and planned in secret behind residences backs. This will ruin farmers that have farmed the land for generations rights. Many of the rules are absolutely ridiculous and obviously havent taken into consideration real people.


- I have been extremely disappointed at the unprofessional way the county commissioners and the committee have handled the New Land Use Code. I am appalled that none of the concerns voiced in the precious community meeting have been addressed. The New Land Use Code violates the rights of individual community members and businesses. The negative impact of this New Land Use Code is far reaching, does not represent the values of this community and negatively effects farmers, ranchers, home owned businesses, families and members of this community. Reject this code in its entirety. Listen to the major majority of this community.


- This surely would be detrimental to average folks, who are just trying to have a chance at the living out the American Dream.


- Any zoning changes that are going to be made should not in any way infringe upon our farmers and ranchers rights to do business in our valley. They are an essential part of who we are and that needs to be preserved and protected at all costs. I also disagree with a 40 acre minimum. There is no way that the average citizen here in the valley can afford 40 acres at the going prices. This Land Use Code should never be approved the way that it stands right now.


- Quit assaulting our property rights! NO is NO! We didnt want it before and dont' want it now! STOP YOUR OVERREACH OF OUR PROPERTY RIGHTS!


- To whom it may concern,
We are hard-working business people who value the constitution of the United States of America..
Our land our freedoms and our sovereignty is all we have and we will fight to keep it..
It’s very important that you know these things matter to us !!
We will not be bullied we will not be pushed around..
Please fight for our values and principles I know that we are standing on the right side of this argument..


- Passing a code that is opposed by so many residents is reprehensible governance. These are carpet-bagger ideas and concepts dragging this whole area toward indentured servitude to the local elites.

This is wrong in so many ways.


- I am against any codes that further restrict what I am allowed to do on my property.


- “Power corrupts, and there is nothing more corrupting than power exercised in secret.”

- Hello. I have lived in Teton Valley since I was a child and have grown up here. I have owned and operated multiple businesses and currently work in the valley. Many projects my family and I have needed to do to be able to continue to live here would no longer be possible in the future if these regulations are passed. I voted for all of you because I thought you represented many of my ideals. After reading through the new land development code and speaking with other valley residents, nothing I have read has been something I would want implemented in our valley. I hope you will read this and take it into consideration when making a decision. I will be unlikely in the future to vote for anyone who approves this code. Thank you for your time.

- Who Do You Think You Are this is ridiculous BS you people move in from out of state and you want to change it to where you live no it's won't be good for our County you people need to get a life and leave us residents alone that will be taking our freedom away don't do that because I don't think people around here will put up with that. I'm a veteran I'm a Purple Heart recipient and I bled for my freedom and don't you try to take it away.

- This is more involvement on your part than necessary. Please stop and realize how you are invading our freedoms. I totally disagree with this and beg you not to do this.

- I oppose the new land use code and am shocked the county would go to these lengths to stifle this community thats already in the hands of billionaires who don’t care about our little town. As a local in the process of buying property, I’m disgusted to see the control you are trying to gain over this county and prevent locals which this community RUNS ON from having land rights or being able to afford rent to serve this community. If you are trying to drive out every person that serves this county then you’re doing it and your millionaires won’t have any service when they come to visit anymore. The public needs to decide on this matter not the county commissioners. What right do you have to take away rights from this community?

- I believe changes this big should be put up for a vote on the next election.

- The 35 acre lots is a land grab or “taking” the Comp plan is 21/2 and 20 acre parcels for the same property sections. Twenty acre is also a “Taking”. Anything over 10 acres is trying to limit growth and affordable housing. We are not in communistic Germany. You are begging for legal actions.

- Please don’t move forward, doing so will hurt many small businesses. The ripple effect will turn the valley into a ghost town as native residents will be forced out. The good names of many families who settled the valley are important to the history and function of the valley.

- I absolutely do not agree with the proposed new land use code and feel that it is unconstitutional!

- I do not approve of this. It is a far reaching law where they are trying to take away the rights of the residents of teton valley. Not okay!

- It is already hard enough to own property in this valley. This code will make it impossible and force my family out. This continued attempt to pass the Land Use Code feels like the whinny nagging kid who you have already told no several times but they continue to ask for something they do not need anyway. Mom and Dad (the majority) have already said no and no means no.


- The overreach of the Land Use Code and the way in which it was developed are unacceptable. Repeating the mistakes of our neighbors in Jackson will result in the same issues that they deal with today. Namely, it is a community of the ultra rich and we are certainly headed in that direction. There is really nothing in this code that address is our current and escalating issue of affordable housing. The larger acreages will do nothing to help that situation. It will ensure that only the wealthy can afford to own land. Please Listen to the community and spend more time on this code. We definitely need the revised code. But this one in no way represents the cross-section of the residents and land owners in the valley.


- It is unconscionable to not only ignore the national and state law as well as the established county comprehensive plan; but also the voices of the people of this valley. The willful and blatant attempt to subvert personal property rights as well as civil rights by your committee and VARD is a slap in the face to people trying to live their lives in harmony with their neighbor and nature in the valley. Are you really willing to lose yet another lawsuit from yet another unwise decision?

- We reject the new land code. This code should have been put together by people who have lived and worked in this valley for many many years, not new people who think they are smarter than the long term land owners. We are not happy that this code has been pushed by you as if you have the authority. We the people are the government here.


- This is the local equivalent of government overreach. You are not representing us you are pretending to have authority over us. Enough is enough. The present land code is what we need, not your new version.


- As a part time employee of a home based Teton valley business, I am greatly concerned with how this code will impact the business for which I work. It is a relatively new business within the tourism sector which requires the use of vehicles. Limiting to 2 the number of business vehicles which can be on the property that this business is currently in negotiations to purchase will severely limit the growth ability for the business. It is not difficult to imagine how many other businesses within the tourism sector will be equally impacted. This proposed code is bad for Teton Valley, and needs to be significantly revised to reduce its negative impacts on businesses and working residents of the ares..


- The County barely has the resources to function as is. Passing, implementing and enforcing a code like this will require higher taxation, fees and additional funding to already underfunded agencies for implementation and enforcement of this code. This code makes zero sense, does not improve our lifestyles in any way, and only serves as a mechanism, for those who think they're in power, gain more control. Furthermore, the fact that this code is even being discussed without a qualified County Administrator on Staff or Legal Council providing guidance, should immediately stop these discussions in their tracks. You are simply opening the door to legal challenges the County can't win, or afford. This is an ignorant code written by ignorant people. This code should be rejected in its entirety.

- This needs to be thought out better with more input. The cattle owners are at risk of damage/loss of their herds with the fence changes desired. the land split changes only benefits the wealthy and not the heart and soul of the work force. We need to help our citizens be helped not helped out of the valley.


- The 35 acre lots is a land grab or “taking” the Comp plan is 21/2 and 20 acre parcels for the same property sections. Twenty acre is also a “Taking”. Anything over 10 acres is trying to limit growth and affordable housing. We are not in communistic Germany. You are begging for legal actions.

- This new proposed land use code is completely unconstitutional I think the people that came up with it need to take a course on the constitution.


- Please scrap this code. It does not represent the interests of citizens.


- Stop trying to push us off of our property so you can make our valley a playground for the Rich!!


- Put this on the ballot so the Teton Valley residents can vote on it. We don't want this valley to become like Jackson.


- Keep Teton Valley the same! I’ve lived here my whole entire life and wouldn’t want to see it change for the worst. I love how it is and if it would be a changed it better for residents that live here.


- We reject your arrogant plan that assumes you know what is best for our valley. This is not your valley. You represent the land owners. Your plan does not take into account and make the necessary changes to best represent our interests.

- Quit assaulting our property rights! NO is NO! We didnt want it before and dont' want it now! STOP YOUR OVERREACH OF OUR PROPERTY RIGHTS!


I think this entire Land Development Code you are trying to pass is ridiculous. You should NOT be able to tell me what I can and cannot do on my own property. If I need to order something and have it delivered it is none of your business what it is or how big the delivery vehicle is to deliver AND if I need fedex to come 5 times a day again none of your business. I am capable of deciding how big my fences are and how many animals I can put on my place without your input. Why do you get to decide how many acres a church needs? I think the people running know a little more about what they do and don’t need without your input. If I want to run my business out of my home I can and will. If I want to park 5 cars in my driveway again none else f your business!!!!!!!

This entire code is bullshit and maybe you should actually talk to people in the valley about their needs. No we don’t need 50 more subdivisions but if I want to sell my property I can and I can do with it as I see fit.

We don’t live in Jackson, Bi Sky or Park City so we don’t need their codes imposed on us.

- There needs to be open, transparent and honest discussion without the influence of special interest groups.
Private property rights MUST be preserved.
The plan we now have seems to be working for all concerned.
You forced out a very capable County planner who understood the needs and desires of the property owners.

- Please don’t do this to your own valley. It’s obvious it isn’t wanted, and when you joined these committees and offices, you did it to help your community. Think about that before passing this code none of us want.


- I just received a copy of the revised Land Use Code, and while I haven't had time to fully consume it, I see there are still zoning changes, permitting requirements, and violations of private property rights that existed in the previous draft. This revision is still unacceptable.​

- Please listen to and use the public input in your decisions. Stop being led around by people who do not have our best interest at heart.

- I am severely disappointed in the draft. Being an American, I have the right to do as I please with my OWN property. Heaven forbid I buy another piece of property and can’t utilize it to fit my families needs. YOUR needs do NOT trump MY needs on MY property.

- Why are you assauting our property rights? What your are attempting to do is a direct assault on our property rights. Listen to the will of the land owners.

- The community is already under deep duress from the Covid -19 shutdown. Please consider the livelihoods of those who made this Valley what it is and who have worked so hard to keep it beautiful and alive.
What you are considering is unconstitutional and flat out cold-hearted!

- Quit trying to change things, we like our community how it is.

- We strongly oppose this New Land Use Code. This is changing the rules after the game is in progress. We purchased property in Teton Valley with an understanding that we as owners would retain the property owner rights that were in place at that time. We are strongly opposed to new regulations that would change the ownership rights we have had.


- The proposed land use regulations as released to the public are a significant overreach and infringement on property rights by local government.


- This is not responsible planning for people that live and work in Teton Valley Idaho. Second home owners should not be deciding the fate of our community.
Lets not let this turn into Jackson!


- I think this is a massive over reach by the county commission and planning & zoning. I think it should be put on the ballot and voted on let the people decide what is best for the property they own.


- This will hurt small businesses including the one I work for.
As a dog owner I need a fence that can keep my dog safe, 42" isn't going to do a thing.


What does VARD have to do with desicions on COUNTY property. This is ILLegal tampering with County Citizens right of Vote and Desicion making. I will be at the Meeting to voice my opinion to you Crooks and bought and paided for PubliPushing through a VARD agenda during the busiest time of the year is not only highly suspicious, but in my opinion is notably nefarious. Attempting to strip away my property rights through the proposed new land use code is right in line with Marxist ideology.

It’s time for county leaders to get off their high horses, thinking only they know what’s best for Teton Valley. We are all entitled to our opinions, but forcing them on all Teton County citizens proves that pride and arrogance are ruling the day. It’s never too late to humble ourselves and do the right thing.

Our country was founded on Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These values are what empowered pioneers to settle Teton Valley and build a community that values personal property rights and working with their neighbors to resolve issues. They made it possible for all of us to settle here to raise families or retire.

We do not need a controlling, power hungry, top down County government usurping the rights of its citizens. I vehemently reject the proposed new land use code as it is presently written for the reasons below.cly elected officials. we voted and where more than likely cheated on our cast votes.



- What does VARD have to do with decisions on COUNTY property. This is ILLegal tampering with County Citizens right of Vote and Decision making. I will be at the Meeting to voice my opinion to you Crooks and bought and paid for Publicly elected officals. we voted and where more than likely cheated on our cast votes.


- It’s hard to imagine how someone’s moral compass could get so far askew to outright steal and cheat their neighbors!!!!


- I cannot believe you are trying to pass this ludicrous LUDC again, knowing full well the majority of landowners in Teton County are against it. Your job is to represent the voice of the people in this valley; clearly you are not doing that. This code will destroy the principles this valley is built on - family, farms, and community. Please do your job and act for the people of Teton Valley - trash this LUDC and develop one that represents the tax payers of this valley.


- let the people be free


- Now that you people are done playing Dictator, can you please do your jobs and fix these fucking roads.


- Enough already! Stop it!


- Let us be FREE TO CHOOSE!!
There is opposition in all things. This valley has had power hungry people trying to take away our choice. I am living proof of the opposition in all things. I’m disabled from a vaccine. What will happen to families if you pass all this nonsense? Don’t take away our choice! That is what SATAN tried/tries to do. Don’t be his follower! Leave Teton Valley alone. Your work/overreaching is not needed!


We bought 40 acres of land to be able to build a small farm on. Not to be told what we can and can not do on it. For the most part we are surrounded by more farm
Land. If we want to get bees (that are endangered) it is not the county’s decision. We also have livestock all around us, lowering fences will give livestock access to our fields and another local farmers way of
Life (they lease some
Of our land) I understand that you want to try to help better the valley, but it’s a farming community and infringing on land owners rights is crossing line.

There are a lot of hard working folks in the valley and everyone voice deserves the respect of being listened to.


- This code is not well thought out. The committee was one sided and there was not equal representation of the county. The 5 acre rule for multiple dwellings is especially troublesome.


- My husband and I are land owners in Victor, Idaho where we are raising our family. We completely oppose the new land use code that is being pushed through right now. We want to see this code voted on my members of our community and not a select few people with outside interests. This code violates property rights, civil rights, freedom to worship, and all the principles that our beautiful nation of liberty was founded upon. This land use code is not in the best interest of our community and we want to see it revised.


- I have nothing to say except that I am over all the government overreach and division. Listen to the constituents or leave.


- I strongly oppose the new land use code.


- You cannot pass a new code without incorporating feedback from the residents ! It’s political suicide !


- The new land use code is way to restrictive. It has so many items that I oppose that is is hard to list them all. The county can not enforce what they have now how do you think you will enforce this one. How many will be grandfathered in that you can not keep track. We need a lot more balanced input before it is written up. You have not included the whole of the community to have impute on what they would like to have. This is so one sided.


- Jackson looks like a good home to everyone that wants teton valley to become like Jackson.


- You want to change the “land” law, not right! We don’t want another jackson, how ever there are services needed and affordable housing. Our infrastructure is terrible!


- I have concerns about the planning and zoning's plan in several areas, but my main question was how you excluded people from the planning and zoning committee that would have represented the community as a whole instead of appointing people that go along with an already decided agenda. perhaps i am wrong, and you could explain the process that was used. I know we need some regulations, but too often the players with the most make the rules and not always for what is best for community.


- We all wanted small town america without big city rules, leave it alone or leave. If you would like change then leave.


- My family came to. Teton valley in 1889 we are now going on 7 generations in the valley we have a teacher DR. Contractor farmer beautician. My parents were able to leave us a legacy. I don’t believe Goverment and especially a body of county planning and zoning. All who are move ins. These things that your proposing would put Hugh hard ships on the native population of the valley. I already feel like it’s outsider in my own hometown of Victor I don’t recognize it at all anymore sad to me.


- I can’t believe these commissioners assume what’s best for our community! They obviously thinking for themselves and not the majority for the hard working folks in Teton County!




- I have a real issue with eliminating accessory dwelling units. We currently own a 4 acre property in which we have planned to build an accessory apartment above our barn. This is allows for family to come stay with us from out of town and even an option for parents and children as they age.


- Did the County actually pay for this crap, or did VARD write it?


- This is extremely restrictive and absurd.


- I don't live in the valley but do a lot of work over there. I have served on the Fremont County Planning and Zoning Commission for 3 years during that time I was and still am, a huge advocate for property owners rights. I feel its important for elected officials to be recognize individual property owners rights to allow the owners to develop or not develop their ground as they see fit. This is a constitutional right afforded to all Americans and should be subject to government overreach to infringe upon.


- Please don't take away our rights to our land and how we choose to use it. Just because other towns do it doesn't mean we have to. You need to open your eyes and do what's best for teton county. We dont need to try and fix something if it's not broken.


I am very concerned about a number of items, especially the lot size in the proposed going from 35 to 40 (most letters before asked to decrease the new proposed acreage of 35...and then it increases to 40?!) and not allowing guesthouses on properties under 5 acres.

When housing is hard to come by...why eliminate a way to provide people who live here a way to rent out to other community members? It seems that this would make it so only those with money to create an apartment complex could be part of the solution for affordable housing.

There are a number of other things that I have an issue with, but those are the top two concerns of mine at this time.


- Why must the citizens of this county be micro-managed to such an extreme?
I don’t want to be lumped together with other super wealthy counties. Elitism is a form of racism. Our county still has a majority of the working class, which will be harmed if this proposal passes.


- I married a man whose family has been here for generations. In the 15 years since I first moved here, this Valley has changed beyond belief, and in some cases not for the better.
There are so many things in this proposed code that negatively impact the residents of this beautiful valley. In so many cases it would make it harder to earn a living here. Many survive here by working a job and then having "side hustles" to earn the extra needed to be able to afford living here. We shouldn't be stifling business creation.
We shouldn't be making it even harder to do that. We shouldn't be stifling the ability of people to use their land as they see fit. Most people who live here want to care for their land and keep it beautiful, they don't need a code to tell them how to do that. They don't need a code to tell them to be neighborly.
There is a world wide shortage of bees, why are we limiting the ability of people to keep bees and sell the honey.
The section regarding fences is asinine. Those fence requirements are unrealistic at keeping any type of animal in. This would place an enormous burden on landowners to have to replace fence to match these requirements, then the constant problem of animals escaping from these inadequate fences. What is the purpose of the fence requirements?
Every member on the board is a person who moved here. I want you to remember the reason you chose to settle here. WHY? Why did you leave the place you had previously lived? Why did you choose Teton Valley?
Then ask yourself WHY we would want to emulate Jackson Hole, Park City, Big Sky, and the other places you based this code on. The every day person doesn't and can't live there, it's only the super rich. So WHY do you want to emulate those places and put in similar policies?
As a landowner, I deserve the right to make the decisions about how I use my land. I have sacrificed and worked to be able to afford what I have, your proposed code would cause undue hardship and limitations on me as a landowner.


- Please stop appeasing Teton Co. WY and start addressing the true needs for Teton Co. Idaho!




- I own property in Teton county. Government bureaucrats should not be allowed to make unilateral decisions without the voting public expressing their opinions. if they do, they should be dismissed.


- Where are the changes made in response to the outcry this spring? We see none.


- I strongly oppose the proposed development code. This proposed code is pure overreach on the part of county government.


Where are the changes made in response to the outcry this spring? We see none.

- I strongly oppose the proposed development code. This proposed code is pure overreach on the part of county government.


- I don't reject anything in the Land Use Code. I'm filling out this form to show how one sided it is. You have to select that you don't like the code in order to use the form. It's kind of stupid and one sided. Thanks for promoting open space and restricting growth. - Dallan Wedgewood


- The 35 acre lots is a land grab or “taking” the Comp plan is 21/2 and 20 acre parcels for the same property sections. Twenty acre is also a “Taking”. Anything over 10 acres is trying to limit growth and affordable housing. We are not in communistic Germany. You are begging for legal actions.


- We don't want any more of our freedoms taken away,,, please don't implement the land use codes.


- I own property in Teton County and i do NOT approve of being told how to manage my property especially by the people have NOT been polled by the citizens of the county,


- Changes are to be voted on by the public!


- I oppose the New Land Use Code. Do not pass it.


- If you didn’t like the way the valley was ran you shouldn’t have bought property here. Go to one of the places you have on your list if that’s the type of community you want and leave us alone.


- This is some bull. No matter how you look at it. I understand you thought process of tryin to preserve the area but it will turn this place into another Jackson’s hole where only the rich can live and the workers can scrape by. This isn’t right for you to tell me what I can and can’t do with MY BUSINESS or MY PROPERTY and MY FREEDOM OF RELIGION.


- Why are you trying to pass this again when so many landowners like myself have already told you we do not want it passed.


- I was born and raised in Teton County , Idaho. My Grandfather, Thomas Bates settled there believing he could deicide what to do with the land he cleared and owned. I believe that right still belongs to those who own property.
I believe Those who own property Should not infringe on their neighbor's rights.
I further believe delivery restrictions, like other restrictions in this proposed code, are not needed in The Land of the Free. Let's keep Teton County "The Land of the Free".


- As a 5th generation in the valley I am disgusted that you think this is ok! They did this in Jackson and everyone knows that place is a shit show and people are moving over here because it’s too expensive to live there, blue collar families are having to do that over here now it’s unrealistic to think that such extreme restrictions are going to make anything better and there are just some things that are none of your damn business!


- Not Cool.


- The money the County has spent on this Land Use Communist Manifesto, could have paved every road in the county.


- These codes and the enforcements are unconstitutional!


- What has happened to common sense?




- You are wasting time. The county doesn’t even have a full time Planning Administrator. It looks to me like this would be a priority. You are blowing affordable housing right now. There are land deals in due diligence periods right now that without an administrator are tabled. This code does exactly the opposite of provide a more affordable option. As an owner of multiple properties I should welcome the code but as a parent that will watch my posterity suffer.


My greatest concern is that the increase in regulation is actually going to cost us our ability to live here. Accessory dwelling units make employee housing possible. As much as folks may not like AirBNB businesses, they are what the world is doing now. Forcing us all back to hotels is wrong. Families need supplemental income just to survive. Motels could be bought out by the affordable housing committee if they naturally went out of business because things are not done that way anymore. They’d house a lot of people!

And costs and enforcement. Don’t even get me started. It would turn the entire community into a brawl.


- This proposed code is an infringement on property and business owners rights. It is an abuse of power. This code will not help our community in any way.


- You're embarrassing and a poison to this beautiful Teton Valley. If you don't like it here, fuck off and leave. You have no place here.


- Please LISTEN to those of us who live outside the city limits. This New Land Use Code lacks common sense. It certainly does not represent rural land owners and businesses.


- I work hard to make a living and to be able to enjoy where we live. My husband and I should be able to decide what we want to do with our land. I have always wanted an in home salon, with your proposed codes I can’t do that, I need to see more than 6 people a day to be able to provide for my family and live on land that has been in our family for more than 3 generations, without you telling me how and when and what I can do on it.


- Guys and Gals, Honestly, this is a really atrocious attempt to push through an agenda that clearly, the vast majority of the community is against. When was the last time that such a beuarocratic strong arm effort was so strongly raised up against? Never before in my thirty years in this valley. Please strongly head what the majority of the electorate is trying to warn you about.


- Dear Commissioners: the proposed Land Use Code is not in the best interests of Teton Valley. We do not want to become the next Jackson Hole. If we wanted to live in a Jackson like community, we would be part of the frantic search to find housing in Jackson itself. I remember when people were talking about what they love about Teton Valley, and one thing that was mentioned over and over was that it is a rural, small town community. Yet in trying to create a new land use code, you have gotten experts to reshape the valley into the next over crowded, over priced resort community. I understand that this will help a select few, but for the majority of Teton County residents this land use code will drive us out of the valley. This is not a Democrat vs Republican issue or a left vs right fight. I see people of different political backgrounds standing together and saying this code will hurt my business, my finances, my land, my rights and my future. Basically, this code will harm anyone who does not have a deep pocketbook. Anyone of middle and lower income will either be driven out of the valley or will be fighting over the smallest housing spaces available. I would like to know how many small business owners in this valley were consulted when drawing up the code. They can’t control how many deliveries come in one day or try to keep their customers evenly spaced to just six a day. I would like to know how many farmers and ranchers in this valley were consulted when drawing up the code. Cheap storage solutions like shipping containers are a must for farmers, ranchers and small businesses owners, and different animals require different size fencing. Are we going to feed the bears and have farm animals escaping just so the county can have a uniform 4 foot fence requirement? Ask Fish and Game if they recommend 4 ft fencing to keep the wild and domesticated animals separated. You are placing a financial burden on people who have already purchased storage containers etc under the existing code to change to a new storage solution or be fined and taxed. I would like to know how many churches and other places of worship were consulted when drawing up the code. Most places of worship in this valley have less than a hundred people at any given service. Do you know how much that means in donations? Not enough to afford five acres and a building. Are you trying to limit the free exercise of religion in this valley? I would like to know how many current land owners were consulted when drawing up the code. Only the very rich can afford to buy houses in the last year, and with this new code you will further limit who can own a home in Teton Valley. I would like to know how many people with a side business were consulted when drawing up this code. Bee keeping is notoriously difficult in this valley, yet you will limit those trying. There is a housing shortage, yet you will limit rentals to two people per bedroom. Finally, I do not see this land use code being fairly implemented. The sheriff’s office will not be able to keep up. I foresee people calling in violations out of spite. Since this code was not drawn up with input from the community at large, this code will further divide our community. I believe this land use code needs to be scrapped or greatly revised. At a time when farmers, small businesses owners, and middle to low income families are struggling to make ends meet, this code will be a final blow to to their dreams of being able to live, work and build a future in this valley. I am not opposed to a land use code, but EVERYONE needs a seat at the table next time. Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.


- It is unconceivable to use underhanded tactics to force the will of a small special interest group on the people. You must oppose this terrible policy that will devastate the local populace.


- There seems to be a rush to push this through, under the guise of Covid. Not sure how comparing TV to these other communities is even possible. Last time I checked, there was no farming in Big Sky MT. The overreach by the commissioners is astounding. I'm sure the NIMBY's of VARD have there hands in this. Be careful!


- I run a new well drilling company in the valley, and have lived here my entire life. This will destroy my well drilling business.


- Hello. I reject this code revision for many reasons but biggest concern is not being able to build a accessory dwelling with less the 5 acres. I own a lot with 4.86 acres and plan to build a accessory dwelling for my aging parents so I can stay in the valley and still care for them. When they are deceased I will use this accessory dwelling for long term employee housing.


- As a life long resident of Teton county I do not accept the code revision for many revisions. Please do not let this pass!


- Please do not pass this code revision. So changes may be necessary to maintain our beautiful valley but this is way to far reaching, overbearing and a violation of our rights as citizens of this county


- VARD should be renamed as VAND, Valley Advocates for NO Development.
The zoning commission is making a direct attack on property rights and the ability of people to make a living in our valley.


- The people need less government involvement and natural Supply and Demand will correct itself as the market adjusts to the needs of the community. There is too much overreach into people's personal freedoms who took a risk to invest in this community.


- Free Teton Valley from the crooked County Commissioners and outside influencers (V.A.R.D.)


- Enjoy your last term!

My community members and I fully oppose this land use code. I certainly did not vote for ANY of you and you are going to be surprised at the opposition moving forward. Good luck!

Its almost as if you did this on purpose so that you could delete outrageous sections later as if making a compromise. Doesn't look like the REAL COMMUNITY of this valley is going to tolerate any of it.

I truly wish all of you the best in life.


- My name is Michele Walters longtime valley resident and business owner Tribe Artist Collective. We stand against this atrocity to develop our beautiful valley in this vile way. I lived in Jackson for 10 years and was forced out like so many others. We are the heart of this community and I refuse to continue to see my community members displaced because of exorbitant housing rates. Who is the heart of the community, the people!!!




- Minimum lot size of 40 acres on ag land creates an undue burden for ranchers who may need to sell land for equipment and livestock. Recommend 10 acres. This is a happy medium I believe most will get behind. Also, consider ag splits for affordable housing projects on 5 acre density.


- The more regulations and anti business codes we adopt the more inequality we get—More super rich and more poverty and homeless as well. The control freak model of local government is what creates the problems we are seeing in California.


- I served as US paratrooper ,help feed this country as a 4th generation farmer and rancher and I reject communism of any form.


- The proposed code changes will significantly impact housing and affordability. People who have lived in the valley a long time are being forced out while local business face significant staffing shortages. Any changes to the code should be supportive of ADUs to mitigate this situation. The changes to lot minimums will only encourage sprawl.


- You commissioners are only representing one small part of the people's thoughts in Teton county and you're trying to place the burden on landowners. We have come to meeting after meeting after meeting trying to tell you that we as farmers need the ability to use our land and sell our land as needed and as appropriate in order to keep our livelihood going but yet you guys don't seem to care not one bit you have an agenda and you're going to go after it and your agenda is tyrannical. The majority of farmers ranchers and landowners care for the land and want what's best for it and what's best for Teton county with few exceptions. You commissioners and vard wants what's best for your pocketbooks and for a small minority of extremely wealthy individuals who carry nothing about the land and nothing about sanctity of property rights life liberty or the pursuit of happiness or this nation's freedom. And you commissioners and vard just like the national democratic government have used coronavirus with people staying home and your meetings being small to keep people uninformed and push through your agenda with minimal resistance because people are staying home or uninformed. You have no idea what it's like to try and make a hard-earned living to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to move irrigation pipe to milk a cow to put your life savings into the dirt hoping that you'll get it back out in the fall. Please for the love of God country family and freedom not your personal selfish agenda rethink this land use code.


- There is an incredible spectrum of people that call Teton Valley home. This new code will overly complicate the ability for these same people in the community to stay and continue thriving.


- Definite need to get total community education on this plan well prior to implementation. Hearings must be scheduled at times to allow the most citizens to be able to fully review the proposal.
Pertinent issues should be distributed to each household via mail and perhaps by personal canvassing by commissiononers similar to the far reaching canvassing during election time to explain provisions PLAINLY AND CLEARLY.


- I feel like this is a total government overreach.


- This is not a good plan.


- I feel that the code is a violation of my personal rights and that it is an overreach of the county commissioners who do not have the right to determine what landowners can and should be able to do with their own personal property.


- To whom it may concern,
I am moving back to the area after leaving Jackson 20 years ago and after serious considerations I bought in Tetonia. I chose the Idaho side over Teton County Wyoming this time primarily because of the restrictive changes that have happened over the past 20 year. Teton County Wyoming isn’t what it once was and even though I can afford to buy over there it isn’t very appealing because of all community rules and regulations. Don’t let Teton County Idaho become another restrictive and over regulated mountain community.
Stop trying to appeal to the new folks fleeing urban jungles who seem to like government overreach and structure. They don’t like where they live but they move to rural America and immediately want to implement more rules making it just like what they just left.
I personally enjoy the freedom to legally do whatever I want with my property. These new codes will just open the door for more down the road.
I strongly OPPOSE the new Land Use Code.
Thank you for your time,


- We left behind restrictive government mandates and excessively restrictive CC&Rs to live as free Idahoans. We choose Teton Valley for its peaceful quiet beauty. We love having farmers and ranchers as our neighbors (Mark Trupp, Jim Douglas, Robert & Morgan Piquet, just to name a few). We even chose Ken Dunn as our realtor because he is a rancher. We live on 4+ acres with 4 packgoats. For a county known to be "animal friendly" it was difficult to find acreage where goats were allowed. We live in a HOA with only minor CC&Rs. Our properties are beautifully maintained, including our with goats. Everybody minds their own business and we are free to live, work, and worship as we please.
Please do NOT allow Teton County to become one large excessively restrictive community. Let us live as FREE Idahoans! Keep government restrictions out of our homes and off of our lands! Please!!!


- This land code gives to much power to the commissioners and takes away our rights as large landholders who have spent years working our land to take care of our families only to allow someone else to dictate how we make a living.


- I am opposed to the proposed land use code. I specifically oppose the proposed restriction of accessory dwellings on lots <5 acres. Commissioner Riegel, you have a significantly smaller parcel than 5 acres, yet have multiple accessory dwellings. Commissioner Whitfield, while you have slightly more land than 5 acres, you also have also multiple accessory dwellings to enjoy. Limiting other property owners' ability to build accessory dwellings is hypocritical. Accessory dwellings correlate with the outdoor living style enjoyed by residents and support family living as they can provide living spaces for grown children and elderly who need support. Accessory dwellings also provide long-term housing options; your rhetoric has included a desperate need for long-term housing, yet limiting accessory buildings prohibits another viable housing option. The only reason for this limitation is a classic case of, "I got what I want, but no one else should be able to." If you like your accessory buildings, I bet others would to and they deserve the same ability to build them as you did. Stop promoting your own agenda and represent the values and needs of all Teton Valley property owners.


- You were elected to represent the people of Teton County Idaho. The reason elected officials should listen to their constituents is because a County Commissioner definitely doesn't have, and cannot have the combined knowledge of the many varying issues that effect the individuals in their County. These issues are Constitutional which acts to protect the individual from the Group that is well funded, and over represented in any political party. Please uphold our Constitutional rights.


- Wrong wrong wrong. This is nothing short of communism .


- Please pay attention to ALL concerns from residents in Teton County. The proposed land use code is over reach by the commissioners and heavily influenced by special interest groups, specifically VARD, who don't have the best interests of our community as a whole in their agenda.


- It always has been, and will continue to be, my earnest desire to learn and to comply, as far as is consistent, with the public sentiment; but it is on great occasions only, and after time has been given for cool and deliberate reflection, that the real voice of the people can be known.” GEORGE WASHINGTON

- “The execution of the laws is more important than the making of them.” THOMAS JEFFERSON

- Teton County has proven over and over again that it cannot even enforce the current land use laws. There are far more important issues- like roads, understaffed sheriff dept., light pollution, traffic congestion, etc.  Get to work on these first!

- Land Use Code should support the current community not a select few who want to profit off the valley.

I think the will of  the people should be heard and respected. The majority of the feed back is opposed to the new land use code. Hope fully the board of commissioners and the P & Z will respect the will of the majority. 


- We should be working toward a community for people to live, work and raise families not for second home owners . Teton valley is too amazing to turn it into Jackson.

- We reject your arrogant plan that assumes you know what is best for our valley. This is not your valley. You represent the land owners. Your plan does not take into account and make the necessary changes to best represent our interests.

- PLEASE PLEASE STOP with your nonsense. We love how Teton Valley land is and don’t need to be changed. I live in Teton Valley over 28 years since I was 3 years old. That’s the reason I haven’t left, I have my own little family raising them here and want to continue. Once you take that away from us IT Won’t be the same valley. So PLEASE Please stop and leave TETON Valley Land alone.

- Quit assaulting our property rights!  NO is NO!  We didn't want it before and don't' want it now!  STOP YOUR OVERREACH OF OUR PROPERTY RIGHTS!

- Please listen to and use the public input in your decisions. Stop being led around by people who do not have our best interest at heart.

- Dear County Commissioner "COME AND TAKE IT"

- We the people reject your "revised plan".  You represent us. You are not an autonomous body. Please start listening.

- Why will you not lead our community to success through Unity?  Why is your agenda to pass the LDC over helping your community to come together and create Synergy that can benefit us all? This LDC is a Win (for you and your masters) and a BIG LOSE for anyone who owns land, and works for a living. Why would you push through legislation that is a LOSE for so many good people in the community? It really is within your power to say "NO". We are NOT moving forward with the LDC until we have a Win Win for everyone who cares enough to about our valley to  know what's going on. Why will you not lead this community to Unity? What is in this for you? Why? It makes NO SENSE to restrict peoples rights when there are ways to increase our rights for the people who have conflicting perspectives. Synergy is possible, and yet you are pushing this forward to what end? Ever increasing taxes? Ever growing need for larger and larger bureaucracy? Ever growing need for labor that can't afford to live where they work? Longer and longer commutes? And where does this happen the most? Where there is the most Land Development Code.

-  I’m absolutely disgusted with how all of this is happening. For the people?? Land of the free? I think not. You are all really messing with people’s Country given rights. I know I’m not alone when saying this, we are fed up of your agenda ridden decisions. If people want bees on THEIR property, well then they should have bees on THEIR property. If people want strict rules on what can and can not be on their property, then leave it to them and their HOAs. VARD should NOT, and I repeat, NOT be involved in Teton county, Idaho’s decisions. My husband and I are ready to fight for our rights. We have worked too damn hard for the things we have for people like you to strip our way of life away. You work for US! Not the other way around. I, along with a whole lot of other unhappy Teton county folks, pay your paycheck. Just remember that.

- Why are you assaulting our property rights?  What your are attempting to do is a direct assault on our property rights.  Listen to the will of the land owners.

- I’ve lived in Teton Valley since birth. Always proud to call it home, always impressed with the honesty and integrity of our local government…until the past 10-15 years. More and more underhanded, dis-honest and quite frankly dis-loyal government officials have tried to turn our beautiful little Valley into another (modern day) Jackson Hole! Driving our locals out and catering to the mega-wealthy only.

- STOP IT! This is not your valley to control! These are not your freedoms to take! This is not your land to deface!


- I reject the “New” Land Use Code you so smugly think you can impose upon the residents of this Valley!

Once again, I feel like you are only looking at what the special interest groups want and not the community as a whole.  We are not Jackson Hole, Sun Valley or Vail.  You are making it hard for 5th generation kids that have grown up here to buy or get a piece of property from their parents, even though they are working here and a part of the community.  You should be more worried about the lack of infrastructure in our valley than what people are doing with their property.  Example-COUNTY ROADS!!!!!!  We can monitor ourselves when it comes to who stays at our homes or on our property.  Most people are pretty responsible.  The airbnb's should not be your issue, either should how many cars are in a driveway for a home business or how many times a UPS comes to their door.  Most people are just doing all they can do to stay here and all this code does is try and limit what they can do to stay in the valley.  Quit listening to the special interest groups and use common sense.  Our commissioners have obviously been let by those special interest groups.  Example - emails going back and forth between Vard and the commissioners that were uncovered thanks to concerned citizens who care about property rights.  I strongly disagree with this code and think the time could be better spent trying to improve the roads and affordable housing in the city limits.  The county isn't even functioning right now.  It takes months to get an answer on anything.  If this passes, the county will be involved in another lawsuit that will cost a fortune and the people that are residents of this valley will be made to pay for it once again.....Example-Burns Concrete!

- Stop trying to control things that aren’t yours. People of this county don’t want or agree with your ideas, so stop.

- There needs to be open, transparent and honest discussion without the influence of special interest groups.


- Private property rights MUST be preserved. The plan we now have seems to be working for all concerned. You forced out a very capable County planner who understood the needs and desires of the property owners.​


- Please don’t do this to your own valley. It’s obvious it isn’t wanted, and when you joined these committees and offices, you did it to help your community. Think about that before passing this code none of us want.

- I just received a copy of the revised Land Use Code, and while I haven't had time to fully consume it, I see there are still zoning changes, permitting requirements, and violations of private property rights that existed in the previous draft.  This revision is still unacceptable.

- We moved to Tetonia 3 years ago to get away from government overreach, and now we have to deal with it here. Leave us alone and don't cram this down our throats.


- Do the right thing and protect the people!​

- Stop This nonsense!!!​

- I can not believe you are so bound to take away another persons God Given Freedom. I realize there has to be laws or we as the human race would destroy ourselves, but taking our freedom away to choose what we can do with land Legally purchased and alot are generational properties, is over stepping Your authority. My family has been in this valley since 1910 and they worked hard and sacrificed much to live there. I know you are not capable of understanding that, all you want is power and control, but please take your agenda somewhere else and leave our valley alone.​

- I wholeheartedly oppose the New Land Use Code. Teton valley Idaho residents should have the ability to use their land as they see fit.

- It is inexplicable and unbelievable that you would try to pass the exact same Land Use Code after promising to listening to and taking into consideration the input of the stakeholders in Teton County.

- The county commission needs to put these tactics to bed. They need to focus more on the worthless roads we drive on everyday. We are taxed to death in this County  and the roads are the worse.

- I oppose the new land use code. We can not let Vard run our county!

- Who Do You Think You Are this is ridiculous BS you people move in from out of state and you want to change it to where you live no it's won't be good for our County you people need to get a life and leave us residents alone that will be taking our freedom away don't do that because I don't think people around here will put up with that. I'm a veteran I'm a Purple Heart recipient and I bled for my freedom and don't you try to take it away.

It is inexplicable and unbelievable that you would try to pass the exact same Land Use Code after promising to listening to and taking into consideration the input of the stakeholders in Teton County.

- Your density is over the top. No more than 20 acres. No more than 2.5 acreage lots.

- Why are you trying to take our freedoms away ? Who do you think you are? I am a vietnam vet and you will not take my freedom away.

- You commissioners and Vard need to go away, If you try and get this done i don't think you will like the outcome.

- Many of you came here because you liked the way we were and now you want us to change. We were happy until you came now you are dividing our community.  I have never seen so much anger in opposing our peaceful community. What is happening to the American dream?  This is dividing us as a hostile take over that will not be forgiven and leave a mark forever in our minds. There goes our peaceful community you came to and we ALL loved.  Tell us why you moved again. Why didn’t you go to Jackson Hole. If this passes this will be just like Jackson! 🤠

- Please leave my private property alone. I don't agree with your plans. More restrictions more problem.

I feel that a number of the codes are too restrictive and impede on peoples rights. I am specifically against the code prohibiting the building of accessory dwelling‘s on less than 5 acres. 5 acres is not needed to build a small unit for my elderly parents to be close to me. This has been a long-term goal for my family. I specifically bought land in an area that that was allowed, not in the subdivision. I am also concerned that the minimum land acreage will further inhibit middle class ability to own land in TV. I think it’s really sad that only the rich will be able to have acreage. Young people and average working class people will only be able to afford an older home in town or a multi family housing unit, if that. All these restrictions makes a Teton Valley out of reach for many people. I feel like a community needs a variety of people for balance. It would be nice if average working class people could fulfill their dreams of home ownership. Working class people in Jackson live in poverty while working three jobs to be able to afford to live. This is not healthy for individuals or families. Teton Valley has the ability to not become this elite environment. Please consider the health of families over what you think is aesthetically pleasing pieces of land and houses. 


- I reject this land-use code and feel that there are areas that still need work.

- This is government overreach that violates the Constitution United States and Constitution of Idaho. You have a sworn duty to uphold both and by voting in favor of  this plan you violate your oath of office.  Let this serve as your notice of liability if you chose in favor.

- I find it unbelievable that this terrible proposal is once again being pushed on the people of Teton Valley. The feed back to this proposal was clearly given and ignored. WE DO NOT WANT ANY OF YOUR LAND USE PROPOSALS. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!

- The Planning and Zoning Commission communicated to residents that they would take all the feedback received from the community and develop a revised land use code  - I do not see that this was done!

While I think that have a land use code in theory is a good idea, the current one is complete and total BS. You have not considered it even made it possible for a multi generational family to build on land that has been in family for well over 100 years. You are making it impossible for those same families to continue doing what they have done for years. You are catering and viewing down to VARD and any Cindy, Mike, or Bob with enough money to push out those of us who have been here fighting for generations for every inch every penny every drop of water food that we have. So STOP telling us what to do with our land and how to do it Get off your high horse, go back to your mansion and leave us alone we can take care of ourselves we have been doing long before your ass came here and my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be doing it long after after you leave. Goodbye and Good Riddance

- On one other note you can't even find a PZ director to stay in this valley to over see this BS CODE you can't pass a code with away to administer your all your BS permit and application.

- There are several aspects of this "code" that I have issues with.  One of them that is just plain wrong is that my land is designated as "wetland".  I want to know who made this determination to classify my property wetland and how they came to that conclusion.  Because whoever made that decision obviously doesn't know what a wetland is, as my property has no natural live (or standing) water on it that doesn't come from a canal system.  "Wetlands" boundaries should at least follow the creeks and streams and not the highway as the boundary.

This land use code is gross overreach by government and should be rejected in its entirety as it seems there are underlying agendas at play.

Several years ago, I applied for an NRCS grant and the local agent came out and saw standing water on the pastures.  She immediately said this is a wetland!  I patiently explained that this water she was looking at is from flood irrigating and that is what flood irrigating looks like.  She insisted and said that she had to have an expert come from Boise to make the determination.  Several weeks later, the expert from Boise drove 5 hours to look at my pastures and after walking out in the pasture where she was concerned looked about 30 seconds said "this is NOT a wetland, this is flood irrigating.  Anyone can see that" and turned around and left. I did not pursue the NRCS grant any longer from this agent.



- I see to much BIG government over reach it a lot of areas of my life!  Stop encroaching on my private life, our community, state and nation!!  Leave my freedoms alone!!!!!

- I am so disappointed that our county leaders cannot see that the large majority of county residents do NOT want to live in tyranny.  We want to have the freedom to live as we choose and not have so many rules dictated.  I have been a part of this valley for over 50 years and have witnessed a LOT of changes already.  I don’t need others telling me what I can and can’t do with my own property.  Please recognize that the citizens of this county are intelligent human beings and not like cattle to be herded into and kept in a pen.  Do your job and protect our rights rather than be the enemy trying to take them away.


- Cannot say I am not surprised that people in charge would just try to skirt this through in the same fashion as before. Makes you really wonder if they think everyone is really that dumb.  The exact same land code being pushed through once again, and we will tell them they are doing the wrong thing once again.


- The new code stinks.  The council members are trying to railroad this code into law, not considering what it will do to the valley.  This is not Jackson, Steamboat etc.


- The needs of the few should never outweigh the needs of the many!

- I don’t think you people are even listening to what the landowners in this valley are concerned with .what’s the rush election year?




- You need to start listening to all your constituents.


- NO MORE THAN THE 2.5 ACREAGE. I REJECT the New Land Use Code




- I think we need a New pnz committee that understands our community and it's values and those that actually LISTENS to the community input evidently the people there now are not those who care and respect out input or our values .. we   respectfully listened to your big city ideas and reject the entire code .. you all are a sad  committee and  do not represent our community


- Stop it !!! I reject the Land Use Code in its entirety!


- I'm the 6th generation of my family to call this valley home and know how this community used to be. This is not the "price of progress" and we are not Jackson Hole. Since covid I've been trying to get my own business off the ground and now my own county commissioners are making it harder for anyone to entrepreneur. Capitalism should help the original residents of this valley not just the wealthy move in's. I greatly oppose this code in it's entirety.


- Stop the overreach!!!!

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